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Residential Cedar Roofing & Copper Gutters

This Large Home in Chester Springs had a cedar shingle roof that was installed with 24″ Royals at 7.5″ Exposure with tin flashings and gutters. We replaced the roof with 18″ 7/8″ Premium grade taper sawn shakes with 18″ UL-rated felt paper interweaved each course and 16 oz copper flashings and gutters.

Cedar Chestnut Hill PA

Cedar is our specialty, and we usually have a crew out installing this type of roofing every day throughout the year!

Natural Resilience

Cedar Roofer Gladwyne

One of the great things about cedar is that it is one of the most naturally resilient building materials used in the construction industry. When cedar roofing is maintained correctly, it can be expected to last for decades! The natural chemical makeup of cedar gives it a natural resistance to UV rays, moisture, moss, insects, and various pests. When using a professional cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, your cedar roofing is also going to be adequately treated with fire retardant making it even more durable!

Cedar Roofer Ardmore

Weather Resistance

Cedar roofing is suitable for most climates thanks to its natural weather resistance. The material can withstand a variety of weather conditions without sustaining much damage. This includes snow, rain, storms, and hail. In fact, cedar shingle is well known to recover well from impact damage from hail and will return to an even surface. As long as your cedar shingles are appropriately sealed by your roofer, there should be no problems, even in more extreme weather.

Aesthetic Appeal

Cedar Roofer Malvern

All of the other benefits mentioned are almost like an added bonus to choosing a cedar roof. Most of our customers select cedar purely for the way it looks! Adding a cedar roof to your property gives it a beautiful and distinctive finish. There are a range of shades and textures to choose from in order to achieve precisely the right look for your property. You may want to go for the smooth, tailored look of cedar shingle or the more rustic appearance of cedar shake, depending on the architectural style of the property.

Attention to Detail in Our Craft

Cedar Roofer Gladwyne PA
Heavy Taper Sawn Cedar Shake
Cedar Roofer Ardmore PA
18 7/8” Taper Sawn Red Cedar
Cedar Roofer Malvern PA
24 Inch Royals Cedar
Cedar Roofer Gladwyne Pennsylvania
18” 7/8” Taper Sawn with Custom Fabricated Copper Gutter
Cedar Roofer Ardmore Pennsylvania
18" 7/8" Premium Grade Taper Sawn Shakes
Cedar Roofer Malvern Pennsylvania
24 Inch Taper Sawn Cedar
Malvern Cedar Roofer
18” 7/8” Tapersawn Cedar with Zinc Gutters
Gladwyne Cedar Roofer
24 Inch Hand Split Cedar
Ardmore Cedar Roofer
Replaced 27 Orignial Skylights With New Smart Control Skylights

Staying On Top of Things

36 years of experience has brought us to the forefront of the speciality roofing industry. Our winning formula comes from our impeccable workmanship, relentless commitment to quality, and unparalleled customer service. Take a look at the wide range of customized roofs designed to not only be functional but also uniquely beautiful in their design.

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