How to Hire The Right Cedar Roofer in Chester Springs, PA

Sep 23, 2019

Replacing your roof is likely one of the most expensive remodeling projects any homeowner will undertake. That means you must choose a professional contractor who you can trust. Check out our tips on how to hire the right cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA.

1 – Get a Referral

One of the best ways to find a great cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, is to get a referral from friends and neighbors. Has anyone in your neighborhood or your circle of friends recently undertaken a roof replacement? If so, reach out to them and ask who their roofer was! Make sure you ask how satisfied they were with the contractor and if they would use them again. Getting a first-hand review from someone who has used a roofing contractor is one of the best ways to get an accurate picture of how good they are! While you could also look at online testimonials, hearing the reviews from people you know and trust is often much more valuable.

2 – Research Local Roofers

Once you have identified a shortlist of cedar roofers in Chester Springs, PA, that you might want to work with, you should start doing a little more research into the companies. One of the first questions is whether they are fully licensed and insured. Then you will want to look at their affiliations to industry bodies such as the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau or the National Roofing Contractors Association.

3 – Have a Face to Face Meeting

When you have narrowed your choices down to one or two contractors, you should invite them to visit your property to give a full estimate of the work. They should discuss with you the extent of the work required, an estimated time frame, a cost, and your choice of materials. During this meeting, pay attention to how the contractor acts. An experienced cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, should be knowledgeable about cedar roofing and enthusiastic about the job.

4 – It’s Not Only About Cost!

When choosing a cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, it is essential to remember that cost is not the only factor to consider! You get what you pay for, so it is not always a good idea to take the cheapest quote. However, that does not necessarily mean you should choose the most expensive one either! Consider other factors such as the contractor’s references, experience, general demeanor, and other factors before making your final decision.

Once you decide which cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, you are going to work with, don’t forget to get everything in writing. A handshake is all very well, but you will need a proper contract before the work begins!


Staying on Top of Things

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