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This beautiful project uses North Country Slate in unfading black. We paired this with beautiful copper flashings and custom powder-coated euro gutters to complete the look. This is a premium slate with a rich black coloring and subtle luster. It is sourced from one of North America's largest quarries, which is exclusive to North Country Slate.

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Slate Roofer Chestnut Hill Pennsylvania

We have years of experience working with Slate and are highly skilled in slate restoration work.

Wide Choice of Designs & Colors

Slate Roofer Gladwyne

One of the main benefits of choosing slate roofing is that there is a wide range of different styles and colors available. Blacks and greys are among the most common color choices, but homeowners looking for a more vibrant option might choose green, purple or red. An experienced slate roofer in Chester Springs, PA, can even put together a color blend of various shades. There are also different shapes and textures available which can be used to produce roof designs of intermingled thickness.

Slate Roofer Ardmore

Enjoy a Lengthy Lifespan

As noted previously, one of the main attractions of slate is the durability of the material. Slate is essentially rock! It forms via low-grade regional metamorphism and is millions of years old! Slate is highly durable and requires very little in the way of maintenance, meaning you can expect a slate roof to have a very long lifespan. Most homeowners consider a slate roof to be their forever roof since it will likely not need to be replaced in their lifetime!

Protection From the Elements

Slate Roofer Malvern

Another benefit associated with slate that a slate roofer in Villanova, PA may discuss with you is that the material is naturally fire-resistant, making it very desirable to homeowners. It also has a low water absorption rate making it mold-resistant and frost resistant. It is almost unheard of for slate to break due to freezing temperatures. This is excellent news if you live in a colder climate.

Attention to Detail in Our Craft

Slate Roofer Gladwyne PA
Staggered Butt Slate Individually Cut On Site
Slate Roofer Ardmore PA
18 Inch Spanish Cupa Slate
Slate Roofer Malvern PA
North Country Slate Cladding
Slate Roofer Gladwyne Pennsylvania
Vermont 6-Color Blend With Graduated & Intermingled Thickness Patterns
Slate Roofer Malvern Pennsylvania
Custom Vermont Color Blend
Slate Roofer Ardmore Pennsylvania
SlateTec with Custom Copper Fabrication
Top Rated Slate Roofer Pennsylvania
Vermont 5-Color Blend With Graduated & Intermingled Thickness
Malvern Slate Roofing
SlateTec with Copper Gutters
Gladwyne Slate Roofing
Intermingled Thickness Staggered Butt Custom Color Blend with Alpine Snow Retention

Staying On Top of Things

36 years of experience has brought us to the forefront of the speciality roofing industry. Our winning formula comes from our impeccable workmanship, relentless commitment to quality, and unparalleled customer service. Take a look at the wide range of customized roofs designed to not only be functional but also uniquely beautiful in their design.

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