The Advantages of Choosing Cedar Shake Roofing Shingles

Oct 03, 2019

As a professional cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, we spend much time installing cedar shakes and shingles. In fact, we have at least one crew working on a cedar roof every working day of the year! That should indicate just how popular Cedar is as a roofing choice! The question is, why? Let’s look at some of the advantages of choosing a cedar roof.

1 – Long Lasting Visual Appeal

One of the main reasons why so many people opt for a cedar roof is that cedar shingles have long-lasting visual appeal. Cedar offers an aesthetically pleasing natural wood texture with warm colors that fade evenly over time to an attractive silver color. They won’t lose their beauty over time because they have natural durability – after all, cedar trees have survived the elements for centuries!

2 – Natural Insulation

Another reason a cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, will recommend choosing a cedar roof is the natural insulation it provides for your home. Few materials can beat Cedar when it comes to insulation. The wood shingles will work as a preventative barrier to stop cold winds from entering the property via the attic space. The natural insulation will also prevent it from getting too hot in the hotter months!

3 – A Classic Look

When choosing a roofing material, it is wise to steer clear of passing fashions in unusual colors or textures. You will have it for over 15 years, so you need to choose something timeless, not the latest passing fad! As any cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, will tell you; Cedar never goes out of style! It has been popular for decades and will likely stay in style for a while!

4 – Cedar Smells Great

Sometimes, homes have a comforting smell that makes you feel at ease, helping you to feel like you belong! Cedar has a very distinctive and pleasant aroma that does precisely that! Even in years to come, if it is time to move on, this homely cedar smell will also be attractive to potential buyers.

5 – Light Weight Material

Sometimes, choosing the wrong roofing materials can be detrimental to your property because they add too much additional weight. This could end up affecting the structural integrity of the property. However, a cedar roofer in Chester Springs, PA, can tell you that Cedar is relatively lightweight and is unlikely to cause any problems.


Staying on Top of Things

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