Upgrades to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

Sep 19, 2019

If you are planning on having a slate roofer in Chester Springs, PA, replace your roof, then consider adding a few additional extras to help enhance the property even more. These roofing upgrades installed by a slate roofer in Chester Springs, PA, can help make your roof more aesthetically pleasing, more functional, and longer-lasting.

Chimney Caps

You may already have a metal or masonry chimney cap in place to keep out the rain and to stop birds and other creatures from getting inside the chimney. However, if you are replacing your roof, consider discussing an airtight chimney cap with your slate roofer in Chester Springs, PA. These serve the same purpose as standard chimney caps but can also help reduce your energy bills. Without one, when your fireplace is not lit, warm air will escape out of the chimney on cold days. With an airtight chimney cap, you can pull it closed via a steel cable mechanism once you put your fire out.

Install Flashing in the Eaves

When redoing your roof, it is a good idea to talk about flashing options with your slate roofer in Chester Springs, PA. Flashing helps to create a waterproof seal around roof fastenings, such as skylights, valleys, dormers, and eaves, all of which are hotspots for leaks and ice dams.

Consider Energy-Efficient Roofing

We live in an age where eco-friendly materials are in higher demand than ever, so why not talk to your slate roofer in Chester Springs, PA, about energy-efficient roofing materials? Not too long ago, that might have meant white, reflective shingles, which isn’t a look that appeals to all. However, with continuing advances in the roofing industry, slate and faux shingles are available in various colors and textures. Many options are designed to reflect the sun’s rays and help cool the building. This can cut between 7% and 15 % of your energy costs as there is less need for air conditioning.

Custom Gutters

While you are upgrading your roofing, why not replace your gutters too? Ask your slate roofer in Chester Springs, PA, about custom copper or aluminum gutters to finish your new roof perfectly. You can choose from many different styles and finishes depending on the needs of your property.

These are just a few of the upgrades you could make while replacing your roofing – ask your contractor for other suggestions and create a unique roof that is all your own.


Staying on Top of Things

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